Mini-ITX Motherboard

ELSKY/QM11U Mini-itx 170*170mm Core I3-1125G4, I5-1145G7E, I7-1185G7E

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Support Intel Tiger Lake 11th Generation Core i3, i5, i7

Support WIFI by default /

Can be changed to support MSATA














Realtek sound card motherboard supports 9 * USB (4 * USB3.2, 5 * USB2.0); Adjustable 10 * USB

The USB sound card motherboard supports 8 * USB (3 * USB3.2, 5 * USB2.0); Changeable 9 * USB

Motherboard specification

Motherboard Size



Support 11th generation Tiger Lake CPU: I3-1125G4, I5-1145G7E, I7-1185G7E, etc.


2*NB-DDR4 Memory slot, support 2133/2400/2666/3200MHz memory, up to 64GB

Power supply


Support 12V/19V voltage, the inner diameter of DC head is 2.5MM

The full load power consumption of the motherboard is about 85W. It is recommended to use 12V7A or above power supply



Integrated Intel Iris® Xᵉ UHD Graphics, support single display, dual display/triple display/quad display copy, dual display/triple display/quadruple display expansion, single display under DOS

1*VGA DB15 port

Support 1920*1080@60HZ


Support 4K 4096/3840*2160@60HZ

Choose one between VGA interface and DP interface

1*HDMI 2.0 port

Support 4K 4096/3840*2160@60HZ

1*HDMI_CON pin

Support 4K 4096/3840*2160@30HZ        16Pin,2*8Pin,2.0mm)

1*EDP1 pin

Support 4K 4096/3840*2160@60HZ        30Pin,2*15Pin,2.0mm)

1*EDP_PWR pin

EDP voltage control pin                         6Pin,2*3Pin,2.0mm)

1*LVDS1/EDP2 pin

LVDS or EDP2 pin                         30Pin,2*15Pin,2.0mm)

1*LVDS_PWR pin

LVDS or EDP2 voltage control pin                 6Pin,2*3Pin,2.0mm)

1*INVERT pin

LVDS Backlight switch and Backlight brightness adjustment control               6Pin,1*6Pin,2.0mm)


LVDS Backlight voltage control pin

Choose one between LVDS pin and EDP2 signal



(Dual Lan optional)

Intel WGI219 LM Gigabit LAN chip, supports Wake-on-LAN and PXE diskless boot function

( dual Lan support Intel WGI219 LM +Realtek 8111H Gigabit network card optional)

1*Mini-PCIE port

Support WIFI/3G/4G/GPS/Bluetooth module, optional support MSATA

Hard disk

1*M.2 port

M.2 2280 is supported by default, 2242 is optional; the default SATA protocol can be changed to NVME (PCIE) protocol


Standard SATA3.0 hard disk interface, maximum transmission speed 6.0 Gbps

1*SATA_PWR2 pin

Hard disk power supply pin, can take power 5V, 12V.              (4Pin,1*4Pin,2.54mm)


Integrated Realtek ALC662/660/892 HD digital audio decoder, 6-channel high-fidelity audio controller, can be changed to CJC6811A USB sound card

1*LINE_OUT port

Support audio output (green)

1*MIC_IN port

Support microphone input (red)

1*INT_SPK pin

Amplifier supports 8 ohm 5 watt speaker dual-channel output               4Pin,1*4Pin,2.0mm)

1*F_AUDIO pin

standard audio pins                         (9Pin,2*5Pin,2.54mm)

1*SPDIF pin

digital audio pins                             (3Pin, 1*3Pin , 2.54mm)


2*USB3.2 port

Rear standard USB3.2 Gen2 interface, the maximum transmission bandwidth is 10.0Gbps

2*USB2.0  port

Rear standard USB2.0 interface, the maximum transmission bandwidth is 480Mbps (60MB/s)

1*F_USB1 pin

Front USB2.0 pins, one set has 2*USB2.0         (9Pin,2*5Pin,2.54mm)

1*F_USB2 pin

Front USB2.0 pins, one set has 2*USB2.0         (9Pin,2*5Pin,2.54mm)

1*F_USB3_A pin

Front USB3.1 pins, one set has 2*USB3.2        (19Pin,2*10Pin,2.0mm)

1*Type_c port

Standard Type_c interface

Choose one between The signal of the Type_C interface and the F_USB3_A pin

switch function

1*F_PANEL pin

Switch, power light, hard disk light, restart pin   9Pin,2*5Pin,2.54mm)

1*AUTO_SW pin

Hardware control power-on pin                  (3Pin,1*3Pin,2.0mm)

Other I/O

COM1/COM2 pin

Serial port, COM1, COM2 support RS232, RS422/RS485 optional(9Pin,2*5Pin,2.54mm)     

COM3~COM6 pin

Serial port, support standard RS232;           (39Pin,2*20Pin,2.0mm)

1*JCOM1 pin

Control COM1 pin 9 voltage 0V/5V/12V optional (6Pin,2*3Pin,2.0mm)

1*JCOM2 pin

Control COM2 pin 9 voltage 0V/5V/12V optional (6Pin,2*3Pin,2.0mm)

1*SIM_CARD slot

Support SIM card, SIM card is required when using 3G/4G

1*CPU_FAN pin

CPU fan pin, support temperature control       3Pin,1*3Pin,2.54mm)

1*SYS_FAN pin

System fan pin, full speed, does not support temperature control              3Pin,1*3Pin,2.54mm)

1*CLR_CMOS pin

Motherboard discharge, reset pin               3Pin,1*3Pin,2.0mm)

1*J_GPIO pin

GPIO control pin                                (10Pin,2*5Pin,2.0mm)

operating environment

Operating temperature:-10℃~60℃;      Working humidity: 5%~95% relative humidity, no condensation


AMI BIOS,Support power-on, timed power-on, remote power-on and power-on device intelligent identification

Watch Dog

Watchdog programming, support hardware reset function (256 levels, 0~255 seconds)

operating system

Support Windows 10 64, Linux, etc.


important hints:

1) The blue USB of the motherboard supports USB3.2 Gen2 interface and pins, and the maximum transmission bandwidth is 10.0Gbps;

2) Motherboard VGA/DP, HDMI, HDMI_CON2 pin, EDP1, LVDS1/EDP2 support single display, dual display/triple display/quad display copy, dual display/triple display/quadruple display expansion, single display under DOS;

3) The VGA interface and DP interface are 2 options, it default supports VGA interface, but can be changed to support DP interface; DP interface supports 4K resolution 4096/3840*2160@60Hz;

4) LVDS1 and EDP2 are 2 options (share pins), the default supports LVDS pins, but can be changed to support EDP; EDP supports 4K resolution 4096/3840*2160@60Hz;

5) The main board can be changed to support dual EDP, EDP1 uses EDP-C screen cable (30Pin backlight integrated), EDP2 uses EDP-B screen cable (20Pin backlight separate independent screen cable)

6) The motherboard HDMI interface supports HDMI 2.0, supports 4K resolution 4096/3840*2160@60Hz, and the HDMI1_CON2 pin supports 4K resolution 4096/3840*2160@30Hz;

7) The motherboard supports M.2 2280 by default, M.2 2242 is optional; NVME (PCIE) protocol is supported by default, SATA protocol is optional, hardware needs to be changed, no need to update BIOS; M.2 SATA signal and MPCIE SATA signal choose one of two;

8) The motherboard MINI-PCIE supports the coexistence of PCIE signals and USB signals by default, the default F_USB2 pin 2/4/6/8/10 has no signal, the USB signal of MINI-PCIE and F_USB2 pin 2/4/6/8/10 Choose one of two signals; PCIE signal can be changed to SATA signal, support MSATA disk, after the change, M.2 interface has no SATA signal;

9) The motherboard USB interface and pins default to S power (uncharged after shutdown), and can be changed to A power (charged after shutdown);

10) The 6*COM ports of the motherboard support RS232 by default; among them, COM1 and COM2 support RS232/RS422/RS485 optional, which can be set through BIOS;

11) The 9th pin of COM1 and COM2 of the main board can be set to 0V/5V/12V through JCOM1 and JCOM2, and the default is 0V;

12) The main board Type_C signal (2*USB3.2 and 1*USB2.0) and the F_USB3_A pin are two choices, the default F_USB3_A pin has a signal;

13) The motherboard supports Realtek sound card by default, and optional support CJC6811A USB sound card. The USB signal of the USB sound card and the USB2.0 signal of the 11th and 12th pins of the F_USB3_A pin are two choices. When the motherboard is a USB sound card, the default F_USB3_A pin is the first one. 11Pin~19Pin only support USB3.0 devices, not USB2.0 devices;

14) Mainboard single network Intel I219 LM Gigabit network card, can be changed to dual network to support Intel WGI219 LM +Realtek 8111H Gigabit network card; POE power supply cannot be changed;



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